Irenicon Awards

Irenicon Awards for 2014

Thank you to our customers for all the support.  So far in 2014 we have won:

Best of – Highly Commended in Croydon 2014

Best of – 2nd most loved HR consultancy in the UK 2014

Click here to see the testimonials that helped us.  If you feel like giving us one too that would be fabulous …more…

Struggling with bookkeeping?


When you deal with donations, subscriptions and grants it is vital to have clear and proper records.

Getting the receipts and paperwork into one place to log and enter into accounts can be quite a task.


Is freelancing the way to bypass HR?


For some growing organisations, freelance is the new employment and they are creating people strategies entirely around the freelance model with no plans to take on a single employee. …more…

Free contracts are not always free!

Contract review pic

Don't you just love to get free stuff.   Finding you don't have to pay can be a great feeling.  But not everything that is free is going to save you money.


Why are we getting so many bullying complaints?


The news is full of stories of the nightmare boss and bullying. Conscientious bosses feel increasingly unable to discipline employees who are under performing.   In the back of their minds is the nagging concern :-   "Will I be accused of bullying or, even worse, discrimination?"   No-one wants to turn back the clock…more…

Nigella is not the only boss to have a problem with unauthorised expenses


We have all marvelled at the Lawson family lifestyle and wondered how it is that someone who works for you can run up more than half a million pounds worth of  unauthorised expenses.  The issue of unauthorised expenses is a suprisingly common problem in growing businesses.  …more…