Irenicon – what does it mean?

We founded Irenicon in 1980 to help employers make employment law work for them.  We were always a mixed disciplinary practice – something quite revolutionary at the time.

Over the years we have worked with some wonderful organisations, pushing the boundaries of how employment law can really be made to work without restricting the flow of the organisation.

We continue to offer our creative and tactical support to clients, who contact us for as little as three minutes of advice.

During 2009 we had some heartbreaking calls from organisations who really needed our help but couldn’t afford our services. We looked at ways of providing the service we take so much pride in, in a cheaper way.

We didn’t want to hire cheaper employees with less experience, or dumb down what we do.  We didn’t want to make you buy manuals, read lots of paperwork or follow our ‘rules’ and policies.

We  created a KoffeeKlatch where we can offer fixed price support and enable groups of clients with common problems to club together to share the cost.

So now you can chose – a full service Irenicon proposition working up to the standard you specify, or a budget KoffeeKlatch option where you stay in control of your costs.

We carry professional indemnity insurance so you know we back our advice properly.

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