How To Minimise Your Fees

Our standard fee rate is £380 per hour, plus VAT at the current rate of 20% But there are a number of discounts available to you, which allow you to reduce your fee rate substantially.

If you prepay time (“prepay” meaning that you have paid for time before you use it), then you will get a discount on our standard rate. The minimum prepay amount is two hours. This gives you a ‘net’ rate of £345.

Or, you can get even bigger discounts if you ‘bulk buy’ time in advance of using it. Buy 10 hours at the ‘net’ rate of £275 per hour or 20 hours at the ‘net’ rate of £245 per hour. For larger projects you can purchase 40 hours at a ‘net’ rate of £195 per hour.

Hourly Rate

2 Hours

10 Hours

20 Hours

40 Hours

£380 + VAT





£345 + VAT
(minimum of 2 hours)





£275 + VAT
(minimum of 10 hours)




£245 + VAT
(minimum of 20 hours)



This fee illustration is to help you work out the best rate for you. Please discuss with us how many hours will be needed on your project in the foreseeable future.

All fees and prepayments are subject to our terms of business, which include urgent work surcharges for late instructions, and provide for interest on late payment of fees. So, higher rates may apply than is shown in the above illustration . Please note that prepayments must be used within 90 days and can not be carried forward without the written permission of the Directors.

Retainer clients get an additional discount on our rates (subject to our terms) depending on the scale of the retainer.  These are individually tailored to your ongoing needs and scaled accordingly.  They are usually started with a pre-retainer audit of your current situation, followed by a detailed quote for ongoing support and services.

Use these links to contact us and give us your address, email and billing information. We will then raise an invoice that you can pay by credit card or BACs for details. If you are not a UK resident/customer please let us know – your prepayment amounts will remain the same, but your VAT charge will sometimes be different.