Political Correctness – is it out of control?

Do we live in an age of Political Correctness?    In the last year we have seen:

Sensibility alert.  If you click the hyperlinks they will take you to reports of the remarks and events that got the individuals into trouble.  If you feel you can’t bear to read their remarks or might be offended – don’t click the links.  The principles remain the same. 

  • British Cycling’s Technical Director resigned over allegations of discriminatory remarks  (Shane Sutton)                                                                                    
  • Britain’s first non-white Lord Lieutenant resigned over remarks about the UK Pakistani community (Paul Sabathy  CBE)
  • A Nobel Laureate resigned after remarks about women in the workplace (Sir Tim Hunt)

This is not just a British phenomenon

  • In Japan, a policeman resigning after tweeting remarks about gay people (Masumi Tsurusashi)
  • In Australia, an ethnically Chinese teacher was fired after his remarks about Chinese students (Wu Wei)

What is Political Correctness anyway?

Everyone seems to have a slightly different idea of what Political Correctness is.   Here is what is common to all:

  • No-one uses it to describe themselves; (“I am politically correct”)
  • It is used to describe other people’s attitudes to language about ‘minorities’; (“They are being PC”)
  • For some people it also includes actions such as positive discrimination or quotas

It is usually used as an insult – never as a compliment.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPpZCJhdhWA]


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