Struggling with bookkeeping?

When you deal with donations, subscriptions and grants it is vital to have clear and proper records.

Getting the receipts and paperwork into one place to log and enter into accounts can be quite a task.

What about the cloud?

Putting your accounting in the cloud can mean your data is accessible when you need it – even if your bookkeeper has gone home.  Having scanned receipts can streamline record keeping and accounting. If you combine it with an online payments system you can streamline all your administration.  But what if it is not secure?

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We don't want to alarm you, but we know many organisations have learned harsh lessons about the need for transparency and security.  Putting your data in the cloud can help you – but only if you set it up properly in the first place . We want to help you avoid a lot of those problems.

Our free report gives you ideas for modern ways of working that will help you go forward.  Click here.

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We have created a new free webinar just for you.  We know you have a day job so we are running it in the evening.  This is all about managing your bookkeeper – the systems, the legals, the contracts and more.

Our conversational style webinars are designed to answer the questions you have on how to make it work.

Recordings will be circulated to all registered delegates – but if you join us live we can deal with your real queries and questions as we go.

Use a proper contract

If your bookkeeper is a freelancer or external supplier you need to secure the rights to your own data and make sure you can properly manage your supplier. Click here for information on our freelance bookkeeper contracts.

Coming shortly

For dates of other webinars click here.  This summer we are covering Virtual Assistants, Trainers, Web Designers as well as Bookkeepers.

Want to make it easier ? Watch this space

We are developing a series of webinars designed to help you sort out ways of working that suit you and your team.

The first one will be around choosing an appropriate platform that gives you the security and accessibility you need.

If you'd like to know more click here.

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We founded Irenicon in 1980 to help employers make employment law work for them. We were always a mixed disciplinary practice – something quite revolutionary at the time. Over the years we have worked with some wonderful organisations, pushing the boundaries of how employment law can really be made to work without restricting the flow of the organisation.

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