Annabel Kaye (Managing Director)

is an employment law specialist who founded Irenicon in 1980.   Her view is that there is a big gap between the law, people’s expectations and what can actually work. Having spent more than 30 years in employment law, despite starting with an HR background, she has a practical way of bringing the real world into complex problems and helping people solve them.

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 christopher-pic-2Christopher Head (Co-Founder and Legal Consultant)

brings a refreshingly clear approach to employment law issues, his speciality for over 30 years.  He qualified as a barrister in 1976.  His early experience as a law book editor, and then as general counsel/company secretary of a listed plc, underpin his practical and commercial approach for Irenicon clients in the last few decades.

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Anastasia Law Ward (Director)

 is an experienced employment law and commercial law expert who has also worked extensively as in house counsel.   She brings a breadth of commercial and legal expertise that will help us support you through 2022 and beyond.   Her can-do and practical attitude has impressed us all and her practical and commercial grasp is most welcome in an age when many legal teams are staffed by juniors with no real understanding of how their work will affect real life.


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